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Sales Office South

Vertriebsniederlassung Süd - Außenansicht der Firma
Ausstellungsräume und Mitarbeiter der Welltherm Vertriebsniederlassung Süd
Rückansicht der Welltherm Vertriebsniederlassung Süd

Welltherm Sales Office South – Experience the comfort of infrared radiation heat live


Welltherm Sales Office South’s headquarters are in Schorndorf, around 30 km east of Stuttgart, in a former New Apostolic Church that has been converted into a display home. The whole 300-square-metre exhibition space is exclusively heated by infrared heaters. Here, the effect of all models can be experienced live.


Furthermore, in 2016 the first Welltherm infrared house with two units for trial living is being built on the premises of Welltherm Sales Office South.

Tafelheizung montiert auf Holzvertäfelung
Welltherm Infrarotheizungen unter einer Holzdecke im Wintergarten montiert
Glas- und Spiegelinfrarotheizung montiert auf Holzvertäfelung

Services offered by Welltherm Sales Office South:

  • Basic evaluation: feasibility study, heating load calculation, equipment suggestions
  • Calculation 100% conform with energy saving regulations (EnEV)
  • Infrared heating installations and electronic installations
  • Disassembly and disposal of night storage heaters
  • Calculation and procurement of photovoltaic systems, power storage facilities as well as water heating with hot water heat pumps
  • Social action: Welltherm supports Kinderreich Rems-Murr with the purchase of the AN-NA Flower

Harry Ackermann
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