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Infrared principle


Infrared heating sends out heat radiation – similar to a tiled stove – which is absorbed by all solid bodies in the room. The heated body or object stores the heat up to three times longer than air and gives it off again into the environment. In this way, there is a constant and mutual heat exchange. For the most part, the rising and cooling of air which is part of classical convection heating is omitted – your sense of well-being increases.


The VDE-certified infrared heating systems with their low-emission heat radiation provide for constant drying of the walls. This leaves almost no chance for mold to grow! There is also a clear reduction of dust, which means that you will be able to breathe better again.


Infrared heating systems can be installed on walls, ceilings or as auxiliary heating and thus guarantee a steady and therefore efficient room temperature, which ensures a feel-good atmosphere and an optimum room climate.

Infrared heat promises comfort

During the cold season we like to heat our own four walls so the temperature level is consistently pleasant. Ideally, the desired room temperature is reached quickly and maintained at a constant level, thus contributing to our sense of well-being. This is provided by VDE-certified infrared heaters; physically, their low-emission radiation heat is similar to energy-rich sunlight or the heat emitted by a tiled stove.


Again and again our customers report that they find heating with infrared heat extremely pleasant, even if they had been a little skeptical before deciding to buy.


Why don’t you try it out as well and see for yourself how comfortable and cozy this heat can be?

Heat: electrical heating? Absolutely!

There is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to electrical heat. And yet we have been heating with electricity for a long time and in many situations.

  • Medicine has been using heat lamps or infrared lamps for a long time.
  • Your kettle is heated by electricity, as is your stove.
  • The fan heater in a car is operated electrically, even though there is a combustion engine.
  • A heat cushion for an aching tummy or sore muscles?
  • Even the international space station ISS is heated with infrared heating.


Heating with electricity is a matter of course.

In tune with health

Heating with infrared radiation has a number of benefits for your health, and for several reasons:


1. Because infrared heat primarily heats walls, ceilings and objects and not the air in the room, as conventional heating systems do, a direct comparison between the two shows that the air is a little cooler which in turns means that the humidity is higher. This is an invaluable advantage during the cold season when our immune systems might be weakened. You will feel fitter and have potentially more resistance to fight ‘flu-like infections.


2. IR heat radiation effects a constant drying of the walls. This leaves almost no chance for mold to grow! This is also beneficial for your health.


What cannot be cured by medicines is cured by the knife.
What the knife cannot cure, heat will cure.
Those who cannot be cured by heat, cannot be helped.

(Hippocrates, 460 – 370 BC)


You can see that infrared heating systems have provided health benefits for decades. And heat itself for centuries.

Comfortable living and sleeping

A homely, feel-good atmosphere is of the utmost importance in order to flee the constant physical pressures caused by stress, air pollution and everyday noises, and to maintain your health as well as your mental balance.


It doesn’t always have to be Feng-Shui to feel good in your own four walls. An infrared heating system can make a substantial contribution to a healthy and cozy living space.


When using infrared heat, living and especially sleeping areas are no longer negatively affected by circulating air masses. Since it is mainly the objects in the room (instead of the air) that is heated, temperatures can be sustained three times as long. For the most part, the rising and cooling of air which is part of classical convection heating is omitted – your sense of well-being increases.


Irritated eyes due to dry air in a heated room occur predominantly with convection heating. If you are using infrared heat, you can expect a possible relief from these symptoms. And less dust and a clearly reduced propensity for forming mold (compared to night storage heating) are particularly beneficial for asthmatics and people suffering from allergies.


The result is living and sleeping in complete relaxation!


Infrared house

Our interactive infrared house will give you an insight into modern living with infrared radiation heat. Using concrete numbers, it highlights emphatically that Welltherm’s efficient infrared heaters can hold their own in a direct cost comparison with established heating systems like oil and gas, but also with heat pumps or pellet heating systems.


Slow electrical heating systems (night storage heaters) have long been a thing of the past! Infrared radiation heat is inexpensive and able to react flexibly to changing outside temperatures. Welltherm is synonymous with the feel-good warmth of a new heater generation.