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Operating hours

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The Welltherm Alcudia patio heater is one of our entry-level models which provides excellent value for money.


Despite its low price, the Alcudia patio heater has a durable quartz glass halogen tube with a guaranteed operating life of 5000 hours.


The convenient remote control with a range of up to 6 m makes installation of the device just as simple as day-to-day operation.


All in all, the Alcudia offers good production quality at a low price.

Beautifully designed remote control

Welltherm patio heaters can be operated directly at the device or via the supplied infrared remote control. On the side of the device there is a button to turn the heater on and off. If it is not possible to use the button on the device because of its position, it is recommended to use the infrared remote control (supplied) with a range of around 6 m in direct line-of-sight.

Technical data

Description Data
Item Number WTOH00040R
Maximum dimmer power 1500 watts
Operating voltage 230 volts
Protection class Class 1 / grounded plug
Protection tpye IP 65 / water spray resistant
IR remote control reception angle 60° ± 5°
IR remote control range approx. 6 m
Casing material Aluminium
Dimensions 43 x 10 x 7.7 cm
Total weight 1.8 kg
Colour Natural aluminium

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