• *Calculation basis: £ 0.22 per kWh electricity price, 4 hours operation per day

InKo Plus

Radiant heat sources for your home

Welltherm bathroom and designer heaters represent innovative and high-quality room heating technology. They provide comfort and warmth in the bathroom and offer individual solutions for a pleasant and healthy environment.

The InKo Plus glass convection heater mainly provides infrared warmth via its glass front. You enjoy all the same benefits of our conventional infrared heaters. The convection function can be activated when you need things to be a little warmer. Air flows into the bottom of the device, is heated there and then emitted into the room from the air outlet at the top (behind the glass panel). This allows you to bridge even considerable temperature differences in no time at all.

The InKo Plus is operated using the integrated touch panel. It has separate controls for comfort, reduced operation and frost protection. Users can also select between 4 different modes to suit their preferences. The glass radiant heater can be programmed to ensure you always enjoy a pleasant temperature at any time of the day. The temperature reduction function for when you are absent also helps to cut your energy costs. Its compact form and outstanding performance makes the InKo Plus ideal for rooms that need more heat, such as conservatories and bathrooms. The InKo Plus can also be equipped with towel rails as optional accessories.


  • Simple touch panel operation on the device (integrated temperature controller)
  • Various pre-set operating modes
    • MANUAL (without timer programming)
    • HOME (private rooms)
    • OFFICE (office space)
    • CABINE (weekend houses)
    • Weekday programming
  • Simply add the towel rail later on as an optional extra
Technical Data:
Front: 5 mm TSG-H toughened safety glass
Model: InKo Plus
Colour: White, similar to RAL 9016
Surface: Gloss
Power supply: 1/N/PE 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
IP rating: IP X4
Protection class: I
Heating technology: ESHC
Connection cable: 1,850 mm, white
Schuko plug: Yes

Models & technical data

Article number Format (cm) Power (W) Current (A) Suitable for room size (qm) Radiant/ convection power (W) Weight (kg)
IKP1000 60.0 x 60.0 x 7.8 1000 4.3 13 bis 20 250 / 750 12
IKP1500 60.0 x 80.0 x 7.8 1500 6.5 19 bis 30 375 / 1125 12
IKP2000 60.0 x 100.0 x 7.8 2000 8.7 25 bis 40 500 / 1500 18
IKP2010 140.0 x 60.0 x 7.8 2020 8.8 25 bis 40 600 / 1420 29

Towel rail

Article number Model Surface
HBP2000 for IKP2000 Stainless steel, gloss
HBP2010 for IKP2010 Stainless steel, gloss