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Infrared Heaters for churches

Developed especially for churches, the Welltherm infrared heating system offers an energy-saving alternative to existing systems, in which the entire airspace of the church must always be heated. Bad insulation values and extreme ceiling heights inevitably lead to enormous energy losses. The Welltherm heaters, on the other hand, bring the heat specifically to the seat of the churchgoers and thus efficiently reduce the feeling of coldness on the feet. Mounted below the seat, the heaters radiate straight down and heat the floor in the seating area. The passively emitted, rear-side heat also heats the seat. The experience shows that the visitors subjectively feel more heat than before the conversion, although much less energy must be spent. A long preheating of the church is eliminated by the rapid heat build-up of the heaters.

Another great advantage is the segmented switching of combined rows of seats, depending on the expected number of visitors (see graphic on the right). Thus, the heating of unused areas is meaningfully prevented. Feel free to contact us for references and experience the pleasant infrared heat by yourself.

Air vent for active rear ventilation

The air vent on the side, together with the heater set at a distance from the desktop, ensures air is constantly exchanged. This prevents the desktop from ever getting too hot.

Technical Data

Description Data
Power 150 Watt
Voltage 230 Volt
Protection Class Class I
Ingress protection ration IP 20
Amps 0,65 A
Surface powder coated
Connection 1850 mm with plug
Dimension 100 x 30 x 3 cm
Weight 5,6 kg
Colour anthracite (RAL 7016)

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