Infrared Heating

Our infrared heating systems are handmade customised premium products with exquisite workmanship. Premium materials, carefully selected components, meticulous finishing and a love of detail give our products that special touch. […]

Hybrid Heating Systems

The InKo Plus glass convection heater mainly provides infrared warmth via its glass front. You enjoy all the same benefits of our conventional infrared heaters. The convection function can be activated when you need things to be a little warmer. […]

Bathroom Heaters

Die Infrarot-Badheizkörper aus der BKW Plus Serie bieten eine bisher unerreichte Variantenvielfalt. Neben zahlreichen Farben und Größen ist die Ausstattung der Heizungen mit massiven und zugleich edlen Handtuchbügeln in unterschiedlicher Länge und Oberfläche möglich. […]

Heating elements

Even if you prefer to use traditional heaters in your bathroom, you can choose one with improved technical capabilities. All Welltherm bathroom radiators are equipped with a Rondo NG heating element with an integrated and intelligent control unit. This sophisticated control unit fulfi ls all the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC. […]

Electric Underfloor Heating

The electric underfloor heating is efficient and power-saving. […]

Radiant Heater

As a technological leader in the field of infrared heating, Welltherm has developed DAZEX technology. DAZEX stands for “DAZZLE EX” and is the name for a new generation of radiant heaters which give off almost no visible light. […]

Control System

The modern Welltherm control system impresses users with its simple installation, easy to learn operation and, above all, reliable operation in everyday life. The individual components are connected to each other via bidirectional radio. This means that even complex control tasks can be implemented without having to lay any cables. […]

Church Pew Heating

Developed especially for churches, the Welltherm infrared heating system offers an energy-saving alternative to existing heating systems, in which the entire air space of the church must always be heated. […]

Desktop Heating

Speziell für Büro-Arbeitsplätze entwickelt, bietet die Welltherm Infrarot-Fußraumheizung eine einfache und effiziente Lösung bei fußkalten Räumen. Mit wenigen Schrauben und dank der in das Gehäuse integerierten Befestigungswinkel kann die Heizung platzsparend direkt unter den Bürotisch montiert werden. […]

High Temperature

High temperature heating systems give you the possibility of levelling out high temperature differences in the shortest possible time to achieve the desired temperature. This makes it possible to efficiently heat rooms with high ceilings. Welltherm high-temperature heaters provide an optimal heating solution for car dealerships, industrial warehouses and fitness studios offering energy sports such as hot yoga. […]