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Welltherm control system – flexible, simple, reliable

The modern Welltherm control system impresses users with its simple installation, easy to learn operation and, above all, reliable operation in everyday life. The individual components are connected to each other via bidirectional radio. This means that even complex control tasks can be implemented without having to lay any cables. One control and operating component per room, e.g., in the form of the ‘Thermostat DE’, is mounted in an easy-to-use position on the wall or, thanks to the pluggable base, can be installed portably in the room. The thermostat, which is powered by an efficient 10-year lithium battery, continuously monitors the room temperature and regulates all infrared heaters located in the room at the same time, depending on the programmed settings. A convenient control wheel allows the user to switch between ‘frost protection, night, day and automatic’ modes.

App control via smartphone using the optional ‘Tydom bridge’ provides even more operating convenience – this enables remote access to your entire heating system. This turns your smartphone into a heating remote control with an unlimited range. The free app connects to the Tydom via the Internet; the Tydom can control all infrared heaters down to the degree and simultaneously check the respective room temperature via the available thermostats. Welltherm always provides this luxurious operating convenience to you free of charge (no subscription costs) and can also be used with a variety of optional radio components for lighting and shutter control, as well as for monitoring purposes.

Our Smartphone App (Demo-Video) allows you to remotely control your Welltherm infrared heater. Using your smartphone, you can program the timer (operates 24/7 independently of the app in Tydom), check room temperatures, control individual heaters, or call up a set scenario with a single tap (e.g.,.: ‘All heaters at 19 ºC’). Being able to save your own images for the respective rooms is particularly convenient. Within the displayed rooms you can set and position buttons as desired to quickly access the controls for individual infrared heaters. This will help you stay on top of things. Link: Review video

Secure data transmission at all times!

We know how important security is when connecting an intelligent heating control system to the Internet. For this reason, we have provided all transmission paths from the smartphone to the radio receiver with bi-directional, encrypted communication. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, there is no point where a potential attacker can intercept communications. Better safe than sorry!

The basics: Radio thermostat plus radio receiver

The ceiling mounting shown below indicates typical positioning for the radio receiver. The receiver is positioned invisibly between the rear heater panel and ceiling. This means that it is not noticeable in everyday life, but can still be operated if it requires programming. The position to the side of the heater panel improves the radio range and allows functionality to be checked by means of a status LED.

The Welltherm control system helps save energy.

Thanks to the exclusive ESHC technology, Welltherm infrared heaters offer top values in the efficient conversion of electrical energy (electricity) into thermal energy (heat). In order to further extend this advantage, we have also dealt intensively with the possibilities of control-dependent energy savings in the control system.

This is why the Welltherm control system provides several options for saving energy in everyday life without having to forego comfortable, feel-good warmth.
This is primarily achieved by reducing inefficiently used energy, which in many cases generates heat at the wrong time that is of no use.

‘Tyxal’ wireless opening detector

Matching the bidirectional Welltherm radio thermostats and radio receivers, the ‘Tyxal’ wireless opening detector integrates seamlessly, both technically and optically, into every Welltherm infrared heating control system.

Just a few steps are needed to link the Tyxal to an existing thermostat. Once connected, Tyxal reliably reports the status of the monitored# window. If the window is opened/tilted during the heating process, the thermostat interrupts the heating process until the window is closed again.

Having the heating turned on with the window open – something that makes no sense in terms of energy – is a thing of the past.

Thanks to the high-quality lithium battery, a battery change is only necessary every 10 years.

An astonishing amount of heating energy can be saved by remotely controlling the system. The more often and the longer the residents are out of the home, the more energy is easily saved, as the existing living space heating does not use rigid timer controls. Most heating controls still work with a fixed switch-on time in the morning and a reduction in the evening. This is regardless of what the resident is actually doing that day. For many households, this means the inefficient maintenance of temperatures above 20 ºC, even though no one is home. If no one is home for several days (e.g., for a short holiday or long weekend) then you quickly see just how much energy is wasted during this absence. Still, because one does not want to return to a cold apartment/house, no changes are made to the heating before departure for the sake of convenience.

Remote control combines energy savings and convenience. On departure, use the smartphone app to reduce the room temperature and and then only bring it back up to a comfortable temperature again just a few hours before returning home. All this is made possible by the Tydom bridge as an optional control component in combination with the free Tydom app.

Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC – Finally and consistently ecologically-friendly

The EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC*1 serves to create a Europe-wide, uniform legal framework for the setting of requirements for the environmentally compatible design of energy-related products. Infrared heating systems are also now being included and regulated in this context. Regulation 2015/1188*2 specifies the permissible framework conditions for the operation of an infrared heating system for heating individual rooms within the framework of the Ecodesign Directive.

Starting 1 January 2018, infrared heaters with a rated output of more than 250 watts for stationary installation must always be sold together with suitable control components in order to comply with legal requirements.

The Welltherm control system has been meeting these requirements for a long time and even exceeds them.

More information on this topic can be found in the linked “Ecodesign Directive” PDF.

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