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Infrared Desktop Heating

Specially developed for office workspaces, the Welltherm infrared legroom heater is a simple and efficient solution to the problem of cold feet. The heater can be installed directly under the office desk with just a few screws and takes up little space thanks to the mounting brackets built into the housing. The back of the infrared heater has excellent insulation properties, which ensures that the temperature of the underside of the table does not exceed 40 ºC. The front of the heater produces temperatures of approx. 75 ºC; perfect for comfortably warm feet. The floor - and, by extension, the entire leg space - adopts a pleasant temperature when heated, which the user can adjust individually to suit their needs.

We recommend a plug-in thermostat for controlling the heating. This will automatically regulate the heating during office working hours and ensure a constant, pleasant temperature.

Air vent for active rear ventilation

The air vent on the side, together with the heater set at a distance from the desktop, ensures air is constantly exchanged. This prevents the desktop from ever getting too hot.

Technical Data

Description Data
Power 150 Watt
Voltage 230 Volt
Protection Class Class I
Ingress protection ration IP 20
Amps 0,65 A
Surface powder coated
Connection 1850 mm with plug
Dimension 100 x 30 x 3 cm
Weight 5,6 kg
Colour anthracite (RAL 7016)

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