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Welltherm patio heater with DAZEX technology

As a technological leader in the field of infrared heating, Welltherm has developed DAZEX technology. DAZEX stands for “DAZZLE EX” and is the name for a new generation of radiant heaters which give off almost no visible light. Thanks to these special tubes, Welltherm radiant heaters are some of the best performing and most energy-efficient devices in their class across the world.

A direct comparison shows: 80 % less light emission with the same heat output using a DAZEX tube.

DAZEX provides maximum heat

Traditional radiant heaters give off a significant portion of the electricity they consume in the form of low-energy visible light. This is where the DAZEX technology developed by Welltherm makes its mark – it emits almost exclusively short wavelength and energy-rich infrared radiation (IR-A) in the 750 – 1,400 nm range. The result: Maximum heat with optimal energy efficiency.

Patio heater

Comfortable warmth for cosy evenings on the patio or balcony.

Welltherm GmbH is one of the leading companies in the fi eld of infrared heating throughout Europe. Welltherm stands for competency and decades of experience in the development and production of infrared heating systems. This expertise was, and still is, the basis for our high quality and innovation standards which are the foundations upon which we continue to optimise and further develop our product portfolio. The development of a completely new generation of efficient and high-quality high-performance radiant heaters for patios, industry and catering underlines Welltherm GmbH’s position as a leader in innovation and technology.

Welltherm patio heaters – not shy of comparison

Historically, the majority of patio and balcony heaters have been gas-powered. Until just a few years ago, electric heaters could not match the performance of their gas-powered counterparts. Things have now moved on – whilst very little has changed in the world of gas technology, electric heaters have seen a range of developments that have made them significantly more efficient.

The current generation of IR-A patio heaters with high-performance gold tubes are now much better than a gas-powered device in terms of efficiency, comfort and cost.

Electric heaters with DAZEX technology from Welltherm off er the following advantages:

  1. The cost of running a Welltherm electric patio heater is on an average 50 % lower compared to a similar gas heater. This is due to the high performance loss of radial gas heaters in the region of 61 %, whereas carefully placed and oriented Welltherm heaters can run without any loss in performance (depending on the radiant angle).
  2. Welltherm patio heaters also have the advantage that all the energy goes into heating the desired surface, rather than just the air as with gas heaters.
  3. Electric heaters are fundamentally safer than gas alternatives. There is zero potential for dangerous fires and explosions that come with liquid gas bottles and no open flame is needed for operation.
  4. The somewhat high maintenance costs for replacing gas bottles and carrying out safety checks on hoses, regulators and valves is not an issue when using an electric heater.
  5. A huge range of safety regulations apply for using gas-powered heaters in commercial settings – see Occupation Health and Safety Regulations (BVG) D34 – which do not apply to electric heating. Furthermore, the use of gas-powered patio heaters is forbidden in enclosed spaces without controlled ventilation.
  6. An electric heater gets up to full power within just a few seconds, where as gas heaters need at least 10 minutes to warm up until they achieve maximum output.
  7. Electric heaters are carbon neutral when powered with green electricity. Gas heaters on the other hand generate a huge amount of CO2 by burning propane gas. Using just 2 gas bottles per year over an average 10-year life of a gas-powered heater generates a total of 500 kg of damaging carbon dioxide.
  8. The modern Welltherm patio heaters are particularly powerful and compact. They can be set up on a free-standing base or mounted to a wall. This makes them easier to position and saves valuable space. The devices also have impressive additional features such as lighting and music streaming with simple operation.