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ESHC (Entire Surface Heat Conductor) is a highly efficient heating technology developed in Germany that is used in process heat. Among the users are large German DAX companies as well as important biotech companies. For example, this heating technology is used to dry tissue samples in pathology in order to examine them under the electron microscope of leading lab equipment manufacturers. This application only allows a tolerance of a mere 0.5 °C.

The special aspect of this heating technology which is only used by Welltherm is that more than 70 % of the surface to be heated is covered by heating conductors. This guarantees excellent heat distribution and associated high efficiency. For competitors' products the values are between 6 % and 23 %!

A direct comparison of ESHC(+) technology with other infrared heating systems

Thanks to long-term research and development work, Welltherm GmbH has a profound knowledge of all heating systems represented on the market. Due to extensive tests and lab analysis by independent facilities, we have concrete measurement results available for the radiation factor, and with that the proportion of radiation, of the heating systems below. Basically, the following applies: The bigger the proportion of radiation of an infrared heating system, the more efficiently this will convert electrical energy (power) into thermal energy (heat).

The level of radiation is calculated from the ratio of the radiation factor in reference to a maximum radiation efficiency of 0.7. The radiation factor was measured by way of a measuring process based on DIN EN 416-2 and IEC 60675. This describes the ratio of radiated infrared power to the electrical power used and is expressed as a percentage value.

Conclusion: With ESHC technology we can save up to 30 % of heating costs compared to other technologies.

Cosy and pleasant heat by Welltherm – carefully planned – professionally installed

From the beginning we accompany your on the way to a needs-based heating design. Whether it is for one room or a whole house – our full service package encompasses all necessary steps. Thanks to numerous sales points throughout the federal territory, with Welltherm, you will get everything from one provider.

Aufbau der Welltherm ESHC-Infrarotheizung im Detail

The exploded drawing above shows the schematic construction of Welltherm infrared heating systems. The extensive ESHC heating conductor geometry made from highest-quality stainless steel is clearly visible in the middle. Reverse heating circuits reduce unwanted magnetic fields to a minimum. At the front and back the heating element is surrounded by thermally resistant silicone insulations. The material strength used for this insulation is only 0.8 mm and leads to optimum heat transfer to the front of the infrared heater, with maximum safety. In order to best reduce the loss of radiated heat energy at the back, we use a thermally insulating mat.

„If you have the intention to renew yourself, do it every day“

Chinese philosopher ca. 500 BC

Auf Basis unserer seit Jahren bewährten ESHC-Heiztechnologie baut unsere neuste Heizleiter-Innovation auf: Die ESHC+ Technologie – speziell entwickelt für alle Welltherm-Metallheizungen. Der ESHC+ Heizleiter ist rundum von optimal wärmeleitenden Trägerschichten eingefasst. So maximieren wir gekonnt die Wärmeabstrahlung über die Frontseite der Heizung in den Raum. Die überdurch­schnittlich dimensionierte Dämmung auf der Rückseite des Heizleiters reduziert nachhaltig den rückseitigen Wärmeverlust. Dank der EHSC+ Technologie erzielen alle Welltherm-Metallheizungen Bestwerte beim Strahlungswirkungsgrad (0,7 – Messverfahren in Anlehnung an DIN EN 416-2 und IEC 60675 durchgeführt).

Fazit: Mit unseren Heizleiter-Technologien ESHC und ESHC+ gehören wir seit Jahren zu den Marktführern im Bereich hocheffizienter Infrarotheizungen.

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Welltherm Infrarotheizung – innovativ, effizient und langlebig

Our infrared heating systems are hand-made customised premium products with exquisite workmanship. Premium materials, carefully selectedcomponents, meticulous finishing and a love of detail give our products that special touch.