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Old building renovation

Once your heating system is old and has become a definite financial drain, it is necessary to refurbish it. The example below shows the advantages offered by Welltherm Infrared heating systems after they replaced out-dated night storage heaters. More saved space, a good room climate and feel-good atmosphere as well as the attractive, inconspicuous design of the heating systems are only a few of the improvements. Look and see for yourself!

Status prior to renovations Status after renovations Bathroom Bedroom Lounge room Kitchen karte

Status prior to renovations

22 sqm - kitchen + dining room 6,000
14 sqm - bathroom 2,000
16 sqm - bedroom 3,000
25 sqm - lounge room 8,000
14 sqm - child's room A 3,000
17 sqm - child's room B 4,000
10 sqm - hallway GF 2,000
3 sqm - guest toilet -
5 sqm - hallway TF -
126 sqm - total 28,000
Operating costs p.a. € 5,443.20

Status after renovations

22 sqm - kitchen + dining room 1,490
14 sqm - bathroom 1,490
16 sqm - bedroom 1,210
25 sqm - lounge room 1,860
14 sqm - child's room A 910
17 sqm - child's room B 1,210
10 sqm - hallway GF 710
3 sqm - guest toilet 210
5 sqm - hallway TF 340
126 sqm - total 9,430
Operating costs p.a. € 2,395.01


Infrared heater as mirror to product page Type: Glass (5 mm toughened glass)
Surface: Mirror
Dimensions: 1200 x 600 mm
Power: 780 W
Supply voltage: 230 V
Weight: 17.3 kg
Installation type: Wall mounting
Infrared heating for ceiling installation to product page Type: Metal powder-coated fine structure
Surface: White, RAL 9003
Dimensions: 1192 x 592 mm
Power: 710 W
Supply voltage: 230 V
Weight: 14 kg
Installation type: Ceiling installation


Infrared heating for ceiling installation to product page Type: Metal powder-coated fine structure
Surface: White, RAL 9003
Dimensions: 1500 x 750 mm
Power: 1,210 W
Supply voltage: 230 V
Weight: 21.5 kg
Installation type: Ceiling installation

Lounge room

Infrared heaters for wall mounting with picture motives to product page Type: Glass (5 mm toughened glass)
Surface: Individual picture motive
Dimensions: 2 units at 1500 x 600 mm
Power: 1,860 W (2 x 930 W)
Supply voltage: 230 V
Weight: 44 kg (2 x 22 kg)
Installation type: Wall mounting


Infrared heating for wall mounting with blackboard surface to product page Type: Glass (5 mm toughened glass)
Surface: Blackboard
Dimensions: 1200 x 600 mm
Power: 780 W
Supply voltage: 230 V
Weight: 17.3 kg
Installation type: Wall mounting
Infrared heating for ceiling installation to product page Type: Metal powder-coated fine structure
Surface: White, RAL 9003
Dimensions: 1192 x 592 mm
Power: 710 W
Supply voltage: 230 V
Weight: 14 kg
Installation type: Ceiling installation

Example calculation for a 126-square-metre old building – 1974

Modernising an old heating system is always recommended if it has become uncomfortable in everyday life compared to modern heating systems and/or has become expensive to maintain. Hundreds of thousands of residences built in the 1970s and 1980s can be classified as “buildings with inefficient heating system” because of their underfloor heating or built-in night storage heaters.

We have calculated this using the example of an estate house that was constructed in 1974 with 126-square-metre living space, without energy-related renovation.
Conclusion: These houses can also be heated economically, if one uses Welltherm’s modern infrared heating technology.

Thanks to Welltherm infrared heating systems, the installation power could be reduced from 28,000 Watt to 9,430 Watt = -66.3 %
The above example shows you the potential for cost savings that Welltherm infrared heating systems offer after replacing outmoded night storage heaters. Apart from the attractive, inconspicuous design of the heating systems, the living space that was gained and a pleasant room climate with less house dust further add to your living comfort. Look and see for yourself!

Energy-efficient renovations – with Welltherm infrared heating system

We have already demonstrated the enormous energy-saving potential when exchanging old night storage heaters against modern Welltherm infrared heating systems. But how about the necessary investment costs and the expected annual operating costs? We are pleased to show you the details here as well:

In order to heat the house in the example with its 126-square-metre living space year-round to 22 ºC, the cheapest version would necessitate investments in the amount of approx. EUR 11,754.00. This is comprised of costs for the infrared heaters (EUR 7,404.00), costs for the controls (EUR 1,750.00 ), as well as the costs of installation by an electrician (EUR 2,600.00).

If one were to offset the running costs against each other, the operating costs (electricity costs) for the old night storage heaters are 5,443.20 euro/year – while the reduced energy consumption of the infrared heaters results in only 2,395.01 euro/year. Thus there are annual potential savings of EUR 3,048.19 – provided both systems heat the building to the same temperature. Quite often, in order to save money, old buildings with night storage heaters are not heated adequately. This circumstance was not taken into account in the calculation. A fair cost comparison naturally requires comparable room temperatures for both heating systems.

The necessary total investment costs of EUR 11,754.00 have amortised after 3.9 years because of the lower operating costs. In our example, you will be saving EUR 3,048.19 every year from the 5th year after retrofitting an efficient infrared heating system.

In the following you will see a graphic representation of the amortisation of the investment costs using the example from 1974 and the building from 1994. All prices listed have been determined and calculated very carefully. If you require an amortisation calculation for a particular property, it is necessary for one of our technical consultants to conduct an individual evaluation.

We call these potential savings “Welltherm energy pension” – because just as with a traditional old-age pension in the form of a pension insurance with a one-off payment (also called immediate annuity), you and your family will profit over many decades from the one-off investment in a frugal heating system. And if you further consider the current weak capital return on savings, it is more worthwhile than ever to “invest money into your own four walls“! Irrespective of whether you are planning to soon buy a property that has night storage heaters or if you have already been living in such a property for many decades, it always pays off to modernise an old heating system. Provide for your own future now – with your own energy pension!

Every property owner who would like to exchange their night storage or electric underfloor heating against a more cost-effective heating system, faces the same questions:

Which technology should I use in future?

Energy consultants or providers usually always list gas-fired condensing heat technology or heat pumps as alternatives to night storage or electric underfloor heating systems. But who should pay for this? What should you do, if a gas line is not available or the geothermal nature of the ground is not suitable? Let alone a missing chimney and water-carrying pipes!

Only the consumer who has to bear the costs ever thinks about this. Frequently it is not even the costs which prevent a property owner from making the change. Rather, it is the enormous effort that is required and all the noise and mess that come with it.

And this is precisely where Welltherm infrared heating systems come into play.

A 120-square-metre single-family house is retrofitted within 1-2 days, without a lot of mess being generated. No major renovations are required.

Will I save with infrared heating?

Since we only need to supply at the most half of the original built-in power (however, as a general rule a third, or even only a quarter) when we replace night storage heaters or electric underfloor heating systems with Welltherm infrared heating systems, this in itself explains considerable energy savings and resulting saving of costs.

Naturally, the extent of the savings is dependent on many factors like building materials, insulation, windows and not least, the resident of a property and their heating practices. Every consumer should know that they can save a lot of money and energy by dealing sensibly with heating energy and heating intelligently.

Is infrared heating a modern night storage?

Welltherm infrared heating is not a new night storage heating system, but a most advanced, technically sophisticated, efficient heating system that is inexpensive to run. The comfort created by our heating systems is in every respect comparable to that of a tiled stove.

While a night storage heating system converts energy into heat over night and stores this for use, our infrared heating systems are particularly energy-efficient. It is not necessary to store the thermal energy; it can be generated directly when you need it. In doing so, infrared heating systems save a lot of space because they do not require any storage units for the heat. The individual surface design tops off the list of advantages in comparison with old heating systems.

What are the advantages of infrared heating?

  • low purchase and operating costs
  • long service life
  • no maintenance costs
  • easy, quick installation
  • beautiful flat design
  • promotes health
  • pleasant, cosy warmth
  • CO2-free heating when using Eco-Power or your own photovoltaic system
  • modular, expandable heating system
  • easy, non-weather-dependent control
  • no sluggishness
  • prevents formation of mould
  • does not stir up dust

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