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Welltherm infrared heaters for living and dining areas

Comfortable warmth for a cosy home

Modern living/dining areas are often designed open plan. This increases the base area to be heated, and requires precise planning and distribution of the infrared heaters in order to ensure a sufficient and even heat supply on cold days. Careful determination of heat requirements is an important prerequisite for ensuring eff ective heating and controlling the operating costs.

Apart from the popular Welltherm metal heaters, for which ceiling mounting is preferred, our customisable glass heaters seeing increasing use in living areas. Sometimes in a sleek design, matte white or glossy, but often also according to individual specifications with a custom image. Whether it is discreetly integrated into the room concept or works as a visual eye-catcher, we off er the right heating solution for a comfortable ambience.

Our wireless control systems give you maximum freedom in this regard. Thanks to high-power batteries with a service life of up to 10 years, you can position the thermostat freely in the room without any troublesome cables. Mounted on the wall, or freely positioned room using the plugin base – directly next to your favourite spot. This allows you to generate the right temperature at exactly the right spot.

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