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Light Frame LED

Comfortable warmth with dimmable light

The most efficient place to mount an infrared heater is on the ceiling. It is also easier to use the fitted cables if the room is being renovated or the system upgraded. But sacrificing ceiling lights can be off-putting for some owners. That is why Welltherm has developed a light frame that adds pleasantly warm and white, dimmable illumination to the cosy snugness of the infrared heater – without any extra power cables.

Efficient LED strips inside the luminaire direct their light evenly downwards through a white, translucent scattered light insert. The light frame itself is made of anodised aluminium.

Designed according to modular principles, it is compatible with all Welltherm infrared heaters, both metal and glass.

Our optional remote control or an attractive wall switch is used to operate the system. The switch is the standard size of 55 x 55 mm, so it can be mounted in all standard sockets by manufacturers of well-known brands.

The light frame can be fitted to the wall as well as the ceiling. Our light frame is a delightful accessory, especially for wall-mounted mirror heaters.


  • Simple to retrofit to wall and ceiling-mounted Welltherm infrared heaters.
  • Efficient LED technology that gives off a pleasant warm white light.
  • Optionally available with dimmable LED transformer and wireless receiver.
  • Optionally available with an attractive wall switch in universal 55 x 55 mm format (fits many switch series from well-known brands).
Colour: Alu, RAL 9006
Width: 5.3 cm
IP rating: IP 20
Ambient temperature: -20° C to + 50° C

Technical Data - Light Frame LED

Article number for Heating Format (cm) Format (cm) Luminous flux (lm) Light colour Power (W)
LI060060 60 x 60 cm 71.8 x 71.8 x 2.9 2340 Neutral white (4000 K) 21
LI090060 60 x 90 cm 71,8 x 101,8 x 2,9 4800 Warm white (3000 K) 31
LI120060 60 x 120 cm 71.8 x 131.8 x 2.9 5700 Warm white (3000 K) 37
LI120090 90 x 120 cm 102.6 x 132.6 x 2.9 6000 Warm white (3000 K) 39
LI150060 60 x 150 cm 71.8 x 161.8 x 2.9 6600 Warm white (3000 K) 42