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Clever heating solutions for children's bedrooms

Cosy and warm – but safe!

Naturally, the safety of children is our top priority. When installing our infrared heater’s in children’s bedrooms, we recommend mounting them sufficiently high up on the wall, or even better, on the ceiling. This ensures that the young ones do not come into contact with the radiator inadvertently, even if burns are not a concern. Mounting them on the ceiling serves to ensure even heat distribution in the room, and warms the floor to a comfortable temperature.

The metal heater with matte white textured stove-enamel finish is excellent for mounting on the ceiling. With minimal contrast to the room ceiling, it is all but invisible. The child's bedroom has a false ceiling, then Welltherm recessed frame can optionally be used so that the heater is flush with the ceiling.

The thermostat provides additional safety. It can be mounted on the wall at a suitable height to ensure that it is safe from undesirable adjustments by children.

Thanks to the fact that infrared heating generates significantly less household dust than classic convection heating, this results in less stimuli for developing allergies in day-to-day use. This is good for your children and reduces the amount of cleaning that needs to be done.

Children's Room