The CE marking is an administrative symbol for the European Single Market. It declares that the product to which it is affixed fulfils all the requirements for the EC directives for this product. The CE marking is essentially not a consumer mark. It serves first of all as an “EC passport” for a product and means that this product may be put on the market in every Member State within the EC. CE signals the compliance with requirements for the guarantee of safety as well as the protection of health and the environment.


Electrotechnical products must not only work properly and thus be safe and interference-resistant. They must also not influence any other devices while in operation or cause prohibited circuit feedback. The VDE-EMC mark confirms that the marked products fulfil all requirements set by the standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMV).


RoHS is the abbreviation for “Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances”. The RoHS EC Directive serves to limit the use of certain hazardous substances in electric or electronic equipment. It regulates the use and placing on the market of hazardous substances in electric equipment and electronic building elements. This single market directive applies to all EC Member States.

Made in Germany

The designation Made in Germany is purely a designation of origin and was originally introduced at the end of the 19th century as a means of protection against imported or plagiarised goods. Fundamentally, the designation “Made in Germany” requires manufacture in Germany. Nowadays the seal is seen as a seal of approval. It confirms that the product is of a quality that conforms with German value concepts.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

At the beginning of 2017 Welltherm GmbH received the quality management certification according to the new worldwide valid norm DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. The ISO 9001 quality management norm is the most common nationally and internationally norm in the quality management of modern companies. This means that Welltherm GmbH is one of the few manufacturers within the infrared heating sector who have a certification.


Technical Data:
Front: Metal, stove-enamelled
Model: Metal
Colour: white, RAL 9003
Surface: Silky matte
Power supply: 1/N/PE 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
IP rating: IP 21
Protection ckass: I
Heating technology: ESHC
Connection cable: 1850 mm, white
Schuko plug: Yes
Certification: TÜV

Welltherm powder-coated metal heating systems have a very high utilization value due to their specially coated surface. They are lightly structured, white stove-enamelled and therefore very scratch-proof and colourfast. The heating system has a particularly robust and long-lasting heating element, which heats uniformly throughout.

Special thermal insulation makes the Welltherm metal heating system a highly efficient and sustainable heating system, while keeping rear heat losses to a minimum.

Auf Basis unserer seit Jahren bewährten ESHC-Heiztechnologie baut unsere neuste Heizleiter-Innovation auf: Die ESHC+ Technologie – speziell entwickelt für alle Welltherm-Metallheizungen. Der ESHC+ Heizleiter ist rundum von optimal wärmeleitenden Trägerschichten eingefasst. So maximieren wir gekonnt die Wärmeabstrahlung über die Frontseite der Heizung in den Raum. Die überdurch­schnittlich dimensionierte Dämmung auf der Rückseite des Heizleiters reduziert nachhaltig den rückseitigen Wärmeverlust. Dank der EHSC+ Technologie erzielen alle Welltherm-Metallheizungen Bestwerte beim Strahlungswirkungsgrad (0,7 – Messverfahren in Anlehnung an DIN EN 416-2 und IEC 60675 durchgeführt).

Fazit: Mit unseren Heizleiter-Technologien ESHC und ESHC+ gehören wir seit Jahren zu den Marktführern im Bereich hocheffizienter Infrarotheizungen.

Models & technical data

Portrait, landscape or simply square – our radiators can be mounted in any orientation you wish and can also be mounted to the ceiling. The mounting mechanism provides a sturdy and secure hold that, due to the various frame profiles and colours available, can be adapted exactly to your needs.

We will be happy to advise you in selecting the right size radiator for your needs. We are available at any time, so please get in touch!

Article number Format (cm) Power (W) Weight (kg) Suitable for room size (qm)
PB0330 59,2 x 59,2 330 7,8 5-7
PB0340 61,8 x 61,8 340 8,0 5-7
PB1410 120,0 x 120,0 1410 28,0 20-28
Landscape format:
PB0210 59,2 x 39,2 210 4,5 3-4
PB0510 89,2 x 59,2 510 11,0 7-10
PB0260 89,2 x 29,2 260 5,3 3-5
PB0360 119,2 x 29,2 360 6,9 5-7
PB0710 119,2 x 59,2 710 14,0 10-14
PB0610 149,2 x 39,2 610 10,7 9-12
PB0910 149,2 x 59,2 910 17,0 13-18
PB1000 120,0 x 80,0 1000 18,5 14-20
PB1100 120,0 x 90,0 1100 20,7 15-22
PB1210 150,0 x 75,0 1210 21,5 17-24

The values named for heating surfaces are not binding. For a binding assessment of the required heat, please contact a distributor near you.

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