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Heating Rod Rondo NG

Intelligent and patented control

All Welltherm bathroom radiators are equipped with an integrated, high-quality control device for regulating the bathroom heating system or heated towel rail.

Inside the heating rod is an NTC sensor which transmits electrical values to the control device where they are converted to temperature values. This is the temperature of the liquid inside the heater which is practically the same as the surface temperature of the heater / heated towel rail.

The surface temperature is important for the function of a heated towel rail and determines the room temperature at the same time. It can be selected directly as set-point temperature and is also displayed as actual temperature. The temperature is easily selected in 5°C increments between 30°C and 70°C by way of the +/- keys on the control device.

Using this small and visually appealing regulator is easy and uncomplicated. The four different functional areas enable operations that take immediate effect and thus guarantee efficient and sustainable heating of the space.

An optionally available remote control makes it even easier to adjust the settings and individually program the temperature of the room.

Technical Data:
Model: Rondo NG
Power supply: 1/N/PE 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
IP rating: IP X4
Protection class: I
Heating technology: Rondo NG
Connection cable: 1,200 mm, White
Schuko plug: Yes

Models & technical data

Articel numver Colour Format (cm) Power(W) Current (A)
NGW0300 White 1.2 x 37.0 300 1.3
NGW0600 White 1.2 x 56.0 600 2.6
NGW0900 White 1.2 x 76.0 900 3.9
NGC0300 Chrome 1.2 x 37.0 300 1.3
NGC0600 Chrome 1.2 x 56.0 600 2.6
NGC0900 Chrome 1.2 x 76.0 900 3.9

Remote control

Article number Colour Format (cm)
NGFB001 White 13.6 x 4.8 x 2.1