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Kinderreich Rems-Murr

The goal of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is firmly anchored in Welltherm GmbH’s enterprise philosophy. This means that we are not only focused on economic goals, but also on assuming our share of social responsibility.

In order to implement these guiding goals, we cooperate and partner with Kinderreich Rems-Murr, an initiate of the German Child Protection Agency’s District Association Schorndorf/Waiblingen e.V. Here, through civic solidarity of private persons and businesses, socially disadvantaged children and youth in the region are given support in a unique way. This support is not only financial, but also psychological and of a preventative kind. It is for cases where no other state funding is granted, and is always delivered in cooperation with a network of social workers. A project from the region for the region.

Kinderreich is almost exclusively financed by donations and sponsoring agreements and is dependent on community engagement. To provide warmth, technically speaking as well as in a domestic environment, means to deal with the existing conditions. It means to recognise needs and implement measures that are aligned with the environment and its opportunities and possibilities. The delicate souls of children and youth have to be accepted individually and receive gentle guidance and support.

If one would draw a parallel here with the philosophy of Welltherm, one could say that we, too, value individuality, supporting our staff, use of high-quality materials and sensitive design of living areas. Benefits and costs are carefully weighed against each other. Just like Kinderreich values the careful use of the donations entrusted to them, we also consider the economical use of the goods, paying attention to their effectiveness.

The cooperation between Welltherm and Kinderreich shows once more that warmth can be designed by the inside and the outside together, and that it finds expression in the symbiosis with art. The bright red wooden bud of the AN-NA Flower, a very special interior space object by the regional artist EBBA Kaynak, symbolises the individuality and energy of the children and youth in timeless beauty. The hardness of the steel base signalises the poverty out of which – with joint effort and strength – good things can grow.