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More than just heating

Multi-functional heating systems for the kitchen

Kitchens generally have little free wall space, as most of it is covered by kitchen cabinets. Hence, it makes all the more sense to integrate a heating solution which offers added value.

Welltherm panel heating fulfils this requirement, as it can do more than just heat efficiently – it also serves as an oversized notepad and hence an organisational hub for the entire family. Just like on a blackboard, you can write messages, draw, or jot down appointments on its surface.

If no free wall space is available, we recommend that it be mounted on the ceiling. In the form of a matte white painted metal heater, it is barely noticeable, but optimally positioned for even heat distribution.

The mounting is practically invisible in combination with our recessed frame for all false ceilings. This allows the Welltherm infrared heater to be installed flush with the ceiling, while also providing easy access in the event of maintenance, as not a single screw will need to be loosened.