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Infrared heating in the bedroom

Healthy warmth for restful sleep

We sleep for a large portion of our lives. Hence, at home, we spend more time in the bedroom than in any other room. And every one of us wishes to feel rejuvenated before beginning the day. In order for this to happen, several positive factors need to coincide.

One important factor is the indoor climate. In rooms heated with infrared energy, the indoor temperature is generally slightly lower than in a room heated via convection. This allows many of our customers to have a better, more restful night's sleep.

There are additional reasons for the use of infrared heating in the bedroom. Above all – the low heating requirements. For example, a sophisticated underfloor heating system incurs high installation costs and promotes the formation of dust.

This is where low-cost infrared heating differs. The initial financial costs are significantly lower and even where household dust is concerned, infrared heat has advantages over all convective heating systems. A real benefit for all allergy sufferers.

We regularly receive reports from even our "electrosensitive" customers about their positive experiences with Welltherm infrared heaters. We are one of just a few manufacturers that focuses on the topic of electromagnetic sensibility. Thanks to a contrasting heating conductor structure, we ensure that where possible, electric fields are not even created in the first place.